Adventure in life is important

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Elf’s name is taken in great respect in the history of England. Alfred did many adventures for the good of intelligence, by which he is called the great Alfred. In the beginning, Alfred was also like an ordinary king, who is father-in-law. Because of his superstitious tendency to do good or bad, eat and drink like ordinary people and live in luxurious luxury. There came a day when this lethargy proved to be a boon for the enemies. Alfred’s kingdom grabbed him and he drove him out of the throne and killed him. While living here, Alfred had to work at a farmer’s house. He was assigned the task of cleaning utensils, filling water, and fours. The farmer’s lady used to look after her work.

Alfred started cutting his life in the hidden pass. One day the woman of the farmer had to go out for some work. There were lentils on the Brass cooking pot, so he told Alfred that you should take care of Brass cooking pot pulse till I come back. The woman went away saying this. Ha returned after completing work from 0161, the woman saw that Alfred was sleeping sitting on one side and that Brass cooking pot pulse was burnt. The woman said a foolish young man.

 It seems that you have been cast by Alfred, who does not fulfill the task assigned to him by concentration. You too will hit like that. ‘What the lady poor knew who she was talking to was Alfred, but Alfred realized his mistake.’ He ties the knot, whatever work I would do from today, with concentrated will do it. There is no benefit from making imagination forts. Alfred once again met the colleagues. Collected the money, assembled the army and climbed the enemy and conquered England again.

French singer Mel once came to a town hall and poor boy. Mel was moved by her looks and said – ‘Son! What is your name and what is your job? ”Yes, my name is Pierre, and I have come to make a request …… My mother is ill, I have neither the money nor my money to treat her. I can buy medicine and diet. ‘Well, you need financial help. Tell how much money I should give ‘Mel cut the point of Pierre in the middle and said.’ ‘No,’ said Pierre- ‘I don’t take money for free. I came to request that I have written a poem. May you please sing it in the music meeting. Then give whatever you think is appropriate. ‘

Mel was very impressed. The next day he sang this verse in gathering. Hearing the poem sung in compassionate voices, the audience’s eyes filled up. Many people gave good prizes in that poem. Mel took all the collected money and reached Pierre’s sick mother and gave all the money to Pierre, telling her the right to Pierre.

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