Aptitude is important to attain greatness

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Aptitude is called aspiration to attain greatness. You should get more importance, pride, credit, position, respect than others. This is the qualification aspiration. Through this enchantress, people can be seen making strange images. Hair, clothing, jewel cosmetics these days. How much money and how much time is lost in the name of fashion. He is known to all who are interested in body decoration. The costly trouble is composed so that the qualification impedes the ability to show itself beautiful, youthful, attractive, civilized, rich, and inhibit the display of different types from the object. This is the number of chic-baht.

There are demonstrations of rich There is so much money and interest in the mobilization, maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of accommodation, furniture, vehicles, servants and luxury appliances, which are many times expensive than the actual requirement. The matter is spent extravagantly at the time when people see it and guess that the person is a big king of money and it does not detract from unnecessary expenses. Seeing this, how can the people of mirage get rid of the hypocrisy, after removing the money like water, for the necessary purposes, a microscope can remain surprised. The reality is guessed easily, yet the hysterical irony of qualification does not halt.

It was a matter of ordinary people. Now the topic comes to those specific people who are known as idealists, spiritualists, yogis, folk servants, etc. On analyzing it, the qualifier appears inside them and enters the throne like a dictator. In the same competition of elders, the arena of saints, religion, community, organization, etc. remain the centers of discord. Who is the biggest among their directors? Why do the members of the same organization fight so much for the same goal? The real reason for this is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, they are misled by saying anything.

 The reality is so intense that they want to prove their nobility by yen-ken type. When the second one comes in the way, then like the dogs of the locality, without any reason, they break on each other. In the apocalypse of organizations, if not the only or the most prominent reason, this qualification will be considered as Sur. On the pretext of Deity, anything can be fabricated by calling for a doctrinal suit. But if the heavy bundle is found to be in-depth to find a cause for crack, it would seem that only small mice should be raised in the rump, the mouth crisp, the claw showing the charisma of his actions.

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