Family responsibilities should not be ignored

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Those who associate extreme affection with the body and family keep on doing anything inappropriate to keep them happy. He seems to have this small periphery above all others and melts like a crusher for his sake. It is one thing to do the responsibility of the family, perform duty towards the family and make them inferior to the persona in terms of personality with undue affection by loading them with convenience. The illiterate people adopt the other and the eyes are closed from the first side.

For this, never be deterred that there is more interest in them than to keep littering on them, that they try to give the best thinking, not just pampering, then no one listens. But who said to whom? When the devotees of the devotees are more than the devotees who are saying stories in the Quietude itself, the irony of true verse king will continue to shake their heads.

Family nutrition should not be difficult for anyone, because, from a new point of view, there are so many members of this family, who not only can support themselves but also of financial independence, but they are crippled on the pretext of cutting their nose. The bedridden has been maintained. Only an earning person keeps on dying. Despite the other being, the people in the community of the disabled remain lazy, being saturated. In this way, when the habits of wasteful expenditure come into practice, the drum of expenditure becomes so heavy that it too gets the noun of adulation.

It is family nutrition. Nutrition is simple, nutrition is extremely difficult. There is also no shortage of elders carrying the grandchildren on their shoulders by snatching them from the daughter-in-law’s lap. Even when there is no shortage of earning money for the earnest boys, when the old man puts a pension in his hand, then his kindness is seen. When the earning of a lifetime is divided as the share of able sons, it seems that the disgusting paranoia proves itself innocent by cloaking the cloak of justification and vogue.

In this maze, only a few circles are highlighted here. There are many more like this. In which one thing can also be included about the birth of children on this day, to celebrate the happiness on it and to bear the burden on their heads like mountains. This enchantment can be called a heavy rock on the path of the path. Greed is given the first number, the temptation is second, but it is to be determined that who is second from it.

There is nothing in the practice of autobiography and public welfare, for which there is an obstacle in the maintenance of body and family responsibilities. The mere inhibition of greed and temptation of alcohol is the only barrier which, despite being lightly like a straw, becomes heavy like a mountain, the ghost of vampires ascended like a ghoul and despite a well-healed situation, the constant persecution like hellish oppressors keeps doing

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