Importance of service for life development

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Accounts of Mala are being published under the code of conduct written by greatly respected guru for every person who comes forward in the field of public leadership with the last six digits. In each, they are filled with codes, from which guidance is given to the raw material for the production of an ideal worker. These formulas apply to everyone, whether it is the field of social service or the refinement of the public mind from religion.

After understanding the importance of service and their essential requirement for life development, it is natural for service religion to rise. This kind of excitement arises in most people. They also trend in the service path according to that zeal but are not able to walk on that path for long. The reason for this is that there is no awareness of the enthusiasm and loyalty required for public service. Some people are also motivated, but seeing the difficulties coming, they leave them feeling confused or afraid of failing.

There are many reasons why satisfaction cannot progress in service work. People either get distracted by getting the wrong things right or the arrogance of failure confuses them. Knowing all these obstacles and the circumstances of deviation beforehand, the continuity of service religion can be followed. It also happens that after adopting the service religion, it becomes a mistake to make it your life goal and do it on cultivation level. Forgetful or due to circumstances, the public removes the serving from its cultivation path.

We must remember the fact that if you want to be a guide, then you need character, not leadership skills. Those who took up the great task of refinement of world welfare in ancient times practiced -like sobriety and sage-like benevolence before entering the field of work. In this examination, he passed such a high class, his service cultivation was successful in the same proportion. If service dharma is adopted by taking a high-level approach with a sincere mind, then its result is available as more self-effacement than world welfare. Keeping these facts in mind, the intelligence family, while marching to play the role of Era craftsman, has to keep the fact that they have to rise higher than normal people in terms of their level of personality.

What needs to be done for this? The direct duty in this regard is not as much as adopting a strong practice of changing the attitude. A greedy, greedy, greedy person luxuriates so much that he does not find any interest in charity. Weighing his scales with his weights, he feels selfish and weighty. Therefore, as soon as there is a lack of greed, he pulls his hands off the charitable and does some boasting, so that to buy more fame of public servants, at a lower cost. In this too, they keep weighing how much they lost and how much they earned.

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