Relaxation is also a necessity of life

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Relaxation is also a necessity of life, it gives a new freshness. But God has given capabilities of human body, he tells that even if a man lives in non-continuous work, he will not be lacking in strength, rest is necessary only for gross matter, that is, if the body wants to rest then he will have some relaxation Can also be given. But with mental and spiritual powers, one can also work in sleep.

The heart is the only source in our body which keeps working even during one lifetime without resting. In front of Lord Ram, there was only one purpose, the suppression of demonic powers, they were engaged in lifelong life. Buddha was determined to remove the depressed society from the malicious trappings of violence and fate, for that he continued working without resting a moment, then he got the fame of being an ideal person servant.

Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayan did the work of giving new life to Indian religion and culture. But if they are engaged in same life, they can achieve remarkable achievement. heart is such an example that 6 liters of blood run throughout the body. To fulfill this responsibility, she does not take a second sleep. rest is death for her. Due to this activity, it is helpful in development of soul in body, mind and human form.

WaterWorks gives water to whole city but who, when, how much water is given, there is no such wisdom in it, it is not even manageable that it can keep the water crisis again by making the refined water clean again. heart works nightly. And meets everyone’s needs. It is divided into four parts, two upper chambers are called ‘axles’ and ‘lower ventricles’. An arc of right hand and a ventricle is department of inaccuracy, which is a pure-blood department in both brackets on the left. Both fathers work as parents without thinking of bad things. As humans, there is no discrimination between gold and untouchables here.

Not even that there is unlimited blood, no need for anyone is complete. The heart is a symbol of religious communism, where distribution is uneven, but according to the necessity, distribution is rewarded according to work. Through its valve system and pressure control, blood transmits proper amount to everyone. Both of these instruments keep explaining how much blood is needed, then the same blood reaches there.

There is also an emergency system, sometimes a place is cut off, or if an injury occurs, the heart will run through some of its special arteries and blood will reach already high amount in that place as long as that much blood is needed. Every part of body that tries to collect capital gets corrupted, so no one gives more blood than the right to the heart.

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