Selfish nature is dangerous for society

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Business does not qualify for those who leave their children. Just as a man of a greedy man keeps on earning money by doing alms business and leaving millions of wealth in rags and axes while dying, in the same way, even if he has become a philanthropist, a spiritualist, if the qualification is not missed, the feet He will be seen to create many hypocrisies for worship, tricking people. On the day, some misdeeds, bragging of miracles and not knowing anything else will be seen. The infiltration of such people into public life proves to be a curse for the organization. They keep a thousand times more harmless than what they do.

Therefore, for those who enter the field of excellence, the wise advice to increase the footing on the credit route after abandoning the various anecdotes of financing, observance, and distribution. To generate humility in public service, people had to go door to door asking for alms. In this way, the arrangement of getting food is not difficult even sitting at home, but smelting the ego requires some form, how can a sage be without it? What is Brahmin? How was public service?

In Gandhi ashram, small tasks such as cleaning the clothes of the residents, cleaning the broom had to be done with full devotion and readiness. This was also the tradition of Intelligence missions. Every ashram worker has to perform voluntary work and do the same work as clearing the drain and sweeping garbage.

Why not become superior to those who subsist in the name of your mine? Some people do not work for this reason. No theory works behind this confusion, but ego only bounces. If one takes a hundred rupees by doing a thousand rupees of monthly work, then a sum of nine hundred rupees has been donated. In a peaceful house tradition, every ashram plaintiff has to take all the same as a resident of the ashram.

If he has a personal income or pension, he is asked to keep giving him a donation in the ashram. If a public servant takes a Brahmin subsistence from the public, he is no longer a paid employee, but the person is proud to receive the subsistence as a competent. Such humility is necessary for a true servant.

Here is another episode worth noting. It is to avoid such people who, like Kan, constantly create their conspiracy and obstruct the path of progress of public service.

In this way, there are many types of people who become partners in the field of moral and spiritual practice by giving some truth, but today it is very valuable for those who play the role of the elusive Kan, corrupting the path of a good man. Every social service organization has to avoid such a colony.

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