Spirituality is important for self-consciousness

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For people of emotional nature, then every secret of nature is God’s grace. They can also be satisfied with the information found in traditional mediums like Dowager etc. But in this age of science, positivists can be satisfied only when they are confirmed through scientific instruments. In this regard, the scientists of ‘Two Dragon Project’ in England took steps to explain the riddles of nature. Recently, while waiting for the bats sitting near a shell named Creech Megalith with one of his students, suddenly the needle of the ultrasound detector started moving.

This phenomenon showed that all megaliths produce this type of audible sound waves. He then went to the area of Roll Rights Stone where the project had its head office. They found that the boulder leaves more energy waves than in the morning than the day. After this, he conducted tests everywhere wherever there were megalithic stones and confirmed the said notion. The head of the project, Dr. G. B. Robbins also visited places like Kos, in Viral Shire to confirm the said fact and did many tests at Sunrise time in the morning. Other scientists also verified the authenticity of the audible sound waves emanating from the huge blocks behind and found correct.

They conclude that it is only due to these energy waves that people are physically and mentally ill. Even so, this mystery is still hidden, why only those stones emit energy and that too in the morning. There are so many such secrets, which the earth is hiding in its womb. Science on it says that we have all known. Isn’t this ridiculous statement This whole life has got to understand. If we continue with the research instinct, many spiritual revelations will automatically take place when we resort to spiritual shelters to enter the depths of consciousness.

Man sees what he normally does and how much he accepts, is the result of the uniqueness of his physical structure.

Its subtle texture and its subtle verb – the skill is so eccentric and vast that it is not possible to express words. When we begin to refine the consciousness by spiritual healing, the center of astral consciousness begins to develop and become awakened.

This is the stage when, intangible, intelligent and unforeseen transits begin to form. In other words, the seeker starts the movement in the obscure world and he earns a lot of ability to see and learn, which is not ordinary, is extraordinary. Such people can get information about past and non-past time, but sometimes it happens only spontaneously and accidentally and the person acquires important information regarding the past and future.

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