Spring brings zeal and inspiration

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Spring ablative, which is coming on 24th January, for all those who fall in the category of awakened souls, is bringing the same zeal and the same inspiration that now we all have to save our work as a spiritual practice I have to take it in hand. It is natural to feel tired after completing a huge event, but it is physical as well as timely. If this fatigue starts coming in the form of relaxation then it should be understood that it is demonic and very dangerous for a person engaged in the work of world welfare. Spring has come with a message of keeping awake and being active and we should take it in the same form.

In this era of restructuring, when the 21st century is standing at a distance of just five years, we are asking questions and a bright future is wanted by us as a solution, we all should think seriously on some points.

  • We should celebrate this year of silver jubilee with gaiety and enthusiasm in the whole of India and the world. Do not organize the anniversaries of your horse sacrifice separately and celebrate these three festivals on a broad scale in a ceremonial manner, such as spring festival. This year, at least one worker conference which is purely for an organizational basis should be celebrated on a collective basis with a target of 8-10 districts or a population of twenty hundred thousand.

┬áIn this regard, invite-only one and a half hundred and two hundred workers to become diamonds and the nature of the event should be simple. When the conference, how to organize and organize the event is simplicity. About when, how and when the conference is organized, take information from the peaceful house Organization Cell and keep reading the second page of the ‘Intelligence Campaign’ fortnightly magazine regularly.

(2) Morning Ferries should be organized from place to place, the order of award should be continued for the enhancement of personal energy and collective practice is also done. Collective cultivation can be performed in all the places like houses, branch offices – Intelligence Circle -on Sunday as an hour chanting and on Thursday evenings from seven to seven and a half-bright future prayers.

(3) Now, in the circumstances of adversity, considering the public trust found as the divine grant of the sages, develop yourself into a responsible-authentic public servant by scattering. The one who is responsible A lot of pledges can be repeated only by the parrot. But now in this maturity of the mission, we have to grow into a heavy personality who can learn and teach how to handle responsibility. Whatever task you have taken in hand, then show it just like.

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