Spring is symbolizing new life

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Seasons change Changes in nature also change with their change. Sometimes autumn comes, sometimes wintertime, rain comes, sometimes hemp. Time passes through six transformation cycles throughout the year and in each cycle, nature gives its color. But in all these seasons the spring has got as much importance – as many songs of the spring have been received by the people, no other quarter has got even half-fourth importance. This is due to? No one has touched and influenced the consciousness of man as much as spring.

Spring is symbolizing new life flow of consciousness. Probably this is the reason that Lord Krishna has given its paramount importance. Those who have a feeling of cold before the spring, they know that due to cold, the leaves of trees and flowers are withering in the gardens. Even the birds hide in their nests, they appear to be stirring only when it is sunny. As soon as spring arrives, the tree divides the plants with new leaves, gives a new smile to the withering flowers, and snatches them from the birds and gives them an evergreen smile.

Outside the trees and trees, the tweet of birds, the cuckoo’s cuckoo and the golden rays of the sun combine to create an atmosphere that spreads an atmosphere of joy and joy around. Joy and gaiety – joy and gaiety is that feeling of spring that even a glimpse of a man keeps alive. spring comes of new life, new enthusiasm, a new consciousness, and a wave of inspiration and excitement arises from man to mantra.

Since then, the spring festival has been celebrated by the Mission Gaya family as the spiritual birth anniversary of their adored paramount Guru, as an annual festival, as a center of new inspiration and messages. Ever since its lawfully launched. In 1926, at the age of fifteen years of His Holiness Guru, this spring came as a manifestation of the flame of the lamp of his guiding power and since then he started celebrating the rejuvenation of his life, the beginning of spiritual life.

 Today, the establishment of the huge Vat tree of the Gaya family is built, the inspiration of all the establishments which are at the root of it has been found in the Vela of spring. The sage coming from the subtle world has been doing the effect of consciousness. This great mission, after completing a long journey and completing seventy-eight years, is now entering a new year in 1996. This year is important and historical in many ways. This spring has come in the tide of follower-reorganization after completing twenty-seven big events when our gurus are also the silver jubilee year of the peaceful house.

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