The imagination of future work

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What is ‘future migration’? Why are people able to enter this period? How he returns to his former period after entering, all these are contained in the correct scientific explanation ‘Quantum Physics’. J. Wei Pres presented a detailed interpretation in his book ‘Man and Time’ and wrote that when we interpret any higher dimension of three-dimensional world, its meaning is simply from dimensions of time. He has expressed possibility that many such ‘time dimensions’ may be closely intertwined with this physical world. This is the reason why a person, being present in his place, reaches another world. He has mentioned this in his texts that it is possible by the development of quantum physics. In the coming period, the disruption of time can be overcome, so that humans from one dimension to another

Could enter the non-existent. He has expressed the possibility that whenever science will acquire this kind of capability and be able to enter man from macro world to micro world, then it will definitely require some kind of external factor, which Act in his brain and make him capable that a person can stay in his place and see unseen scenery of an invisible world. In other words, take them from a dimension to another dimension. In such factors, sudden light can be such a phenomenon of sudden light, an abnormal stroke of electrical energy, which, according to them, could artificially enter anatomical and past periods.

In his work called ‘Mask of Time’, writer Joan Foreman has described several incidents of non-stop movement related to himself. Similarly, in book ‘Time Spill’, Ivan Sternson has expressed hope that science can successfully finish art from one dimension to another dimension in the coming time.

If we consider reality in comparison to artificiality, then it will be known that it is more simple and sure, more permanent and more enjoyable. We choose simple and sure highways rather than the difficult path, refine yourself, make the gap lofty. There is no easy way to end disturbance of time, to reach from one dimension to another and to inculcate yourself from divine sensations there. This is squeeze in a word of spiritual knowledge.

A double set pump throws 3250 gallons of water a day, but if it is kept in rest for a half-hour without the rest of the day, the machine will become so hot that there will be a crisis of water rises or bursts. Therefore, people with machine take it for one to two hours in day. After regular arrangement of oil and grease is necessary for the relaxation machine, without it it is not possible to walk well for a few days without it.

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