The story of the horrific accident

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The event is June 1974. One Saturday, a woman named Leslie Casselton from Phil, Humberside, was watching film on her television set early in morning when film suddenly stopped and two words emerged on television screen – ‘Special News’. With this a male word emerged and began to report that Phil huge chemical plant had caught fire with a terrible explosion. This has destroyed almost the entire plant and killed around 21 people. The surrounding area has been evacuated because it is releasing dangerous toxic gases. The news reader mentioned the possible number of injured as well as chemicals that were believed to be responsible for horrific accident.

special news ended with this announcement and movie was replayed on screen. Casselton understood that this was done to inform people about accident and to alert people to particular gas coming out of it. In the afternoon, when some friends came home for food, they talked about this incident. After this, there was talk. At night, Leslie and her husband turned to TV But when the news was seen, the time of the accident was mentioned in the evening at 4:30 p.m.

Leslie thought it was a mistake of the reader, but when the newspaper came on the second day, that is, on Sunday, he also called the editor to find the exact time of incident and wanted to know exact time of accident, but in response same time was told, which was discussed in the news It was done in the letter. He repeatedly asked the editor the same question, ‘You are not forgetting.’ The persistence of his correctness was reiterated in the North. When doubts could not be resolved from here, Leslie Casselton called imagination to make sure that what was right in the morning was the contradiction in the special news and nightly news related to accident?

 In response to this question, a question was asked to the Center that in the forenoon no special news was broadcast from here, then which news and time-related contradiction are you talking about? From here, the same time related to accident has gone to every bulletin, which is real issue of incident, that is, at half past four in the evening. Leslie was shocked to hear this. She started thinking what was the thing she heard in middle of film? It can be called deception of ears. mind was not ready to accept, because it had a detailed description of accident, which he had mentioned to one of his friends in afternoon and also told the number of dead and injured, and also the names of the chemicals.

There was scope for controversy only with respect to time. Such accurate information cannot be called as a earpiece. Then what was it? Who was to broadcast this message on TV 6 hours ago? And the broadcast was also such that only on his television did he come on. Show instruments could not accept it. He made a lot of headache but did not understand anything. Defeated and removed this incident from his mind.

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